I've done a lot of work in the Minecraft community over the years. This is somewhat of a catalogue of it.


  • Project Lead & Co-Founder at EngineHub (WorldEdit, WorldGuard, CraftBook: >3 Billion Downloads & >15Million Active Users)
  • Core Developer and Team Manager at SpongePowered (Represented at MINECON 2015 & MINECON 2016)
  • Former developer on the Essentials Project
  • Former developer on the VoxelBox Plugineering Team
  • Wrote many small utility plugins: AdvancedServerListIcons, Precogs, etc
  • Ran multiple server networks in the past


  • Wrote many of the large private Anti-Cheat systems
  • Wrote software for many large servers: EcoCityCraft, MineTown, MCCentral, LichCraft, and More
  • Wrote software for many large YouTubers: SkyDoesMinecraft, AliA, RedVacktor, and More
  • Wrote software for famous musicians
  • Done security and performance consulting at some of the largest hosts and server networks
  • Done contracted development for servers